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Perfect World Barbarian Guide

Background Info:
Barbarians (also known as Werebeasts in other versions)
Gender: Male
Attack Type/Range: Physical/Close Range
Specializes in: axes and hammers
Parties need you for: tanking. DO NOT play this class if you’re looking for a melee damage dealer but don’t like tanking. Be a Blademaster instead

Go here for skill descriptions

Barbarian/Werebeast Guides I used so far:

I. Pros and Cons really depend on your build/gear, but here are the overall assumptions.

  • High HP
  • High HP Recovery Rate
  • Good Physical Defense
  • Skills to help keep aggro/hate of monsters
  • Best Tank / Wanted in Parties
  • Catapult Pullers = Essential in Territory Wars
  • Great damage at endgame


  • Low accuracy(due to low DEX in most builds. Can be solved at later levels with the skill Blood Bath, as well as +50% accuracy rings (Lv. 77?))
  • Low damage in the beginning/mid levels
  • Low Magic Defense
  • High repair cost
  • High potion/charm cost
  • Requires patience. Many give up before reaching lv 89+ due to high costs & other classes excelling more in terms of damage. (Barbarians rock at endgame though)

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Perfect World Venomancer Guide

Advantages - very high damage : high intel spells + pet damage = a killing machine (with some luck, at 89+ you can pull out criticals at 50k+) - high survivability : let you pet take aggro before attacking, and you'll seldom die - very high healing power on your pet, making for easy solo HH runs Disadvantages - if your pet dies, you're in trouble (that will mostly happens with multiple aggro) - you may draw aggro to yourself while healing your pet.(that will mostly happens with multiple aggro) - not the best in PvP (physical damage chars can kill you fast)

Venomancers, as a caster class, can be customized to be able to wear any of the 3 main armor classes while still remaining a caster. 3 armor choices:1: Int build, you wear robes. Low phys def, Very high magic defense, high hp. Str = (Your level + 8) / 2 Int = (At least Your level x 3) Con = (Remaining points) Agi = 3 2: Light build, you wear light armor. Decent phys def, decent magic defense, low hp. Str = (Your level + 4) Agi = (Your level +4) Int = (Your level x 3) Con = 7+, depending on leftover points. This build doesn't include enough points to add into con, so unless you get a lot of armor with +hp, your hp will be quite low. 3: Heavy armor, high phys defense, high magic defense, low hp. Int: (Your level x3) Str: (Enough to wear heavy armor 3-4 grades lower than you - equates to (level - 10 or 20) * 2.5 +2) Agi: (Enough to wear heavy armor 3-4 grades lower than you) Con: 3 (Or however many points are left over.) Any of these builds are viable with a caster class, and all of them can wear robes as well. If you wish to go purely fox form, you can choose the heavy armor build or light armor build and scrap int to use a lower grade weapon so that you can either keep current with your heavy armor requirements, add to str for additional damage, or add to con for survivability. Honestly though, I would not recommend scrapping your magic tree in favor of fighting only in fox form, as limiting yourself to pure melee physical damage screws you against ranged classes. Of course, I'm not saying a heavy armor melee fox would be terrible. You would have insanely high pdef in fox form, your hp would be much higher than a heavy armor/robe mix, and your skills should be enough to at least prevent any pure melee character from killing you. Attack damage is weak unless you scrap your int in favor of str, in which case you'd have to use weapons that are a few grades lower than your current level as well as ruin your pet heal. Heavy armor foxes typically get 66 int for the beast class fb19 (id19?) level 22 gold magic sword, or 90 int for the fb29 level 30 starsealer. Personal recommendation: I play a light armor fox. Robes simply die far too quickly to anything physical. Heavy armor by itself suffers the same problem except to magical, unless you add a **** ton to con and scrap int. A popular choice now seems to be the robe / low grade heavy armor mix which affords mildly better defenses than light armor at equivalent stat costs, although of course the critical hit percent is lower. Light armor doesn't afford spectacular defenses,with damage reductions ranging from 45%-55%, with physical damage reduction topping off at about 65% in fox form. Having never played a robe/heavy armor mix, I cannot say for sure what the damage reductions are, but as the flat numbers are higher, we can assume it adds another 5% or so to each category.



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Awesome Racer


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