Cabal Force Blader Guide

My all-time favorite character, the Force Blader...


FB is a an all-round balanced character with decent stats, good in both PvE (Player versus Environment/Monsters) and PvP (Player vs Player). No doubt that FBs have the best looking gears/equipments and skill animations + some Devil May Cry kind of style in them which is too cool to resist.

Also, due to FBs skill distribution which goes to all STR, INT and DEX, enable them to wear all type of equipments (Amourset, Battleset, Martialset) according to your needs (eg. armourset for more def, martial for more def rate, battleset for better looking and balance def+def rate)

However being a hybrid class, FB's stats distribution made them a weak melee class character compare to Warriors and Bladers because of their low base attack and base defense. But with a good combination of gears/equipments, FBs can really pawn hard.

Stats distribution:

Force Blader
Per Level 2.5HP 1.5MP
Attack 0.23 0.1 0.23
Magic Attack 0.1 0.3 0.25
Defense 0.125 0.1 0.125
Hit Rate 0.4 0.4 1.75
Defense Rate0.1 0.1 1

As you can see DEX and STR both give the same att and def, but DEX gives more hit rate and def rate, hence most of FB stat points shall be invested on DEX. But, in order to be able to wear osmium armourset (more def) and blades/crystals(more attack), FBs should follow Force Shielders stats which is quite similar to FBs' (For STR and INT). However this does not apply to all FBs, it depends on players' style. As for all the extra stat points or the rest of the points after you put in str and int for your set, shall all go into DEX.


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Anonymous said...

i think your guide is good but i think it is better to replace force slash with illusion stab.

Anonymous said...

w8 nvm you guide rock like hell man. you'll be shiting people's asses

Anonymous said...

Hey, and Mana Freeze?? I think FB should be it too.

DaTsAbsurb said...

Force slash is a must!
The Damage over time stacks with force assault and g.m skill!

Anonymous said...

hey how about the mana freeze?!! and assasinate as well... that's helpful...

X said...

check this out

Anonymous said...

hai im from cabal ph.. can u pls tell me the sets that i need to use. what i mean is lyk adept, vampire etc.