Cabal Force Archer Guide

Ranged attacks
High crit value
Possible 1 hit KO attacks (both monsters and enemy players)

Like blader,need alot of time to deal a big amount of damage
Average weapon and magic combination damage
Average stats

-What do you think about your class?
Its very interesting, and extremly fun, We are the back up class, who hunt between trees, and assasinate quietly. During party dungeons we stand at the back out of all the hubbajoobah but still maintain a good constant damage.

-How is he/she in pvp?
Because of our long range, we are pretty dominate of the pvp, untill of course a g.master bladder or warrior gets too close. We also have a poision skill, which deals +67 damage every second, good for when we are repositioning ourselves.

-How is he/she in pve?
The fastest killer of all normal enemies due to our quick attacks.

-How is the FA's compared to other classes?
Well, if we are fighting a boss, we do a constant amount of above average damage, we keep our distance thus not having to pot alot. We can also heal and have nice buffs.

-I've heard talk about FA's being overpowered atm?(any truth to that?)
People think we are overpowerd, but the truth is to do with the quick stable damage that we apply, i mean come on, archers aren't meant to take 10 seconds to fire a arrow.

-What is the job of the FA's in groups?
The job of a force archer in groups is to add magic attacks to other people, heal them when needed ( probably against bosses ) and to be yet again, the quick damage dealer of the party. When fighting bosses at lvl 85, and only doin 60 damage per hit, our posion skill is a very useful attack, as it doesn't take into the opponents armour.


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Anonymous said...

Nice Guide =D

Anonymous said...

Ah nice, i have a FA also very funn was g.master lvl 59 :D do lots of skilling this seems very ehlpful altho ive had a friend helping me already thanks^^

Daniel said...

nice guide but something to add in your pvp part amp item also will help alot in pvp

Anonymous said...

NIce guide but when you say universal arrow/lance do you mean the nonelemental magic arrow/lance or just any arrow/lance skill(element doesn't matter)?

Charbelle said...

tnx to your guide. it will be very helpful. but i hope it will work. Cuz i will follow it. ^_^

Anonymous said...

im going to follow your guide.. but i
dont think im gonna get the lower defence.. do you think that woukld b ok???

Anonymous said...

In ur uograde skills, by force rolling did u mean RULING FORCE? I was looking at future upgrades, and no rolling. Ö

Anonymous said...

Thanks this helped me alot

Anonymous said...

i have a question.. how come i can't use vital force and eagle's eye at the same time? when i cast vital force, the effect of eagle eye disappears

Anonymous said...

and the same with vital-bless! i can only cast 1 of them at the same time. this sux!

Anonymous said...

Vital Force, Vital Bless & Eagle Eye are under the same type of buffs that's why it disappear whenever you try to cast one of them at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Vital Force, Vital Bless & Eagle eye are under the same type of buff that's why it disappear whenever you try to cast 1 of them at the same time... ^^

Anonymous said...

by level 140 u can get 8 buffs so make use of what u got ^^,

buffs for FA's also depends on wut ur enemies are its either PVP or PVE